What started as a bed and breakfast soon changed to a vacation home rental company. Our guests would complain about repetitious hotel experiences and wanted something a little different, a little more exclusive. We soon realised that a holiday home was exactly what would fit the bill. So, we went on the lookout and identified one spectacular villa that would serve the purpose. Our intention was very simple. Offer an exclusive experience without any exceptions and ensure that the satisfaction levels were constantly surpassed. It wasn’t only luxurious properties that would help though, and we put a team together that understood exemplary service levels like none other.

It was tough work in the beginning, lining up additional properties that fit our stringent benchmarks and what with getting everything organised to ensure a perfect state of being. But we learned really quickly, from our own experiences and guest interactions. People started coming to us by word of mouth and while we were excited about the way things were going, we continuously kept pushing the service levels higher and higher.

That’s what Calista Chateaux is all about. Great places which give you a feeling of totally being at home and free to be yourself. It’s not solely about a comfortable bed, quality furnishings, personalised service and great food, it’s just as much about the feeling of being rejuvenated and renewed by the whole experience.

Be it a family reunion, a group get together, a romantic getaway or a special occasion – we take pride in our attention to detail and ensure we exceed your expectations.

We invite you to having as much of an experience as we did putting everything together!