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A farmhouse on hire for a birthday party celebration in Bangalore.

While I was looking for a venue to celebrate a birthday party, read farmhouse for party in Bangalore or villa for one day hire in Bangalore, I didn’t expect to come across as many options as I did. 
The online space is slowly and surely getting populated with various platforms selling all kinds of accommodation. So how do you, the prospective and discerning guest, find that which actually fits your requirement? 
You’re looking to host a birthday party in a private farmhouse or villa in Bangalore for an exclusive experience. The searches throw up various options like farmhouse for party in Bangalore, villa for one day hire in Bangalore, farmhouse for one day rent in Bangalore, private party places Bangalore, need farmhouse near Bangalore for weekend, birthday party in private villa Bangalore, birthday party celebration in farmhouse Bangalore, so on and so forth. You’re more confused than you were when you began your search because of the multitude of properties professing to take you to the moon and back. In most cases, you’ll find out that the actual place doesn’t look anything like it did in the photographs you saw, the descriptions were misleading, etc. In short, too many platforms peddling the same properties at different price points. 
So here’s what I found out that made life easier for me, apart from the online review based analysis. I searched for luxury vacation rentals in Bangalore and chose a website with no more than just a handful of properties in one demographic. Then I went through the content, which if written with correct punctuation and worded well, was another sign of genuineness. I was looking for a website that didn’t talk endlessly about hundreds of curated properties under one roof, exclusive experiences, unforgettable memories, and what have you.. But talked in simple language about just a handful of properties and their descriptions. No attempt to make things flowery, no prose; just plain old fashioned straight talk.
I ended up having a great birthday party at Calista Manor, a Calista Châteaux property in Bangalore. The detailing was excellent, what was promised was delivered, my friends loved the ambiance that was created as specified. No nonsense, no oversell, no overkill. 

“Calista Châteaux only deals with luxury and heritage properties on a pan India basis” quietly said the gentleman in the corner. 

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