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5 Stars Or A Million Stars
Given a choice to spend your night under a million twinkling stars and a boring hotel room, what would you pick?
When you stop and think, when you pause in the midst of your urban chaos, do you dream of finding yourself in hotels with 5 stars and the allied goodness or do you dream of breaking it all down to enjoy the sight of the night sky, the sunsets and the sunrises? Chances are that most of us are quite at loggerheads with the never ending traffic and long queues one has to withstand to enjoy 5 stars and their facilities. So if you ask any normal urban dweller, 5 star properties may be the last thing on anyone’s mind.
The urban star gazer may find it difficult to find a decent view of the sky and its star sprangled goodness. The reason – sky scrapers that build a barrier around us, and the smog that separates us from the sky. These are a few things that we all would like to escape from every once in a while. Weekend getaways at a holiday rental property might be just the answer you have been looking for, especially if one does not want to travel too far. Here’s how this can be the ultimate bestseller in the weekend story of the urban star gazer:
Ditch the 5 Stars for a Million
To begin with, you get to ditch all the synthetic luxuries of a hotel that boasts of 5 stars. Instead, you choose warmth and a true home away from home. We are talking about candles versus jazzy lighting, buffets versus barbeque, valleys versus valets and so much more. A fully staffed holiday rental property will ensure that you have all your needs taken care of and you do not have to get intimidated by liveried waiters in the process. A homely atmosphere will descend over you even as every luxury in terms of bedrooms, toiletries, food and outdoor activities as well as indoor entertainment, will be provided. All you have to do is ask!
Take it Outdoors
The urban star gazer will happily give up 5 stars to adopt weekend getaways at a holiday rental property because the buzz word here is the great big outdoors. You can actually take a deep and satisfying breath of fresh air even as your senses are re-energised in these pristine surroundings. The holiday rental property niche is one that brings in destinations within or right outside the city limits with much greenery all around. Here, you also get to participate in plenty of outdoor activities like volleyball, cricket, hiking and so much more. Take the example of Nandi Hills, for starters – have you always wanted to spend a weekend, but could not because you were not sure where to stay? Well, that is where a holiday rental property steps in. You can easily take in a number of outdoor pursuits in these hills and be rest assured that warm luxury awaits you in a holiday rental property in the vicinity.
Wellness on the Menu
Put wellness on the menu with plenty of fresh air, greenery and a no fuss environment at these weekend getaways spent at a holiday rental property. 5 stars cannot give you what you can get here. This is where wellness truly lives. You can get to indulge in a number of meditation and Yogic techniques to push the start button on your life, dreams and aspirations again with just one star gazing trip! Imagine trying this at a property with 5 stars. Buzzing waiters, crowds and paper thin walls separating rooms will roar right into your concentration first!
Privacy is the Name of the Game
With a holiday rental property, you can get the kind of privacy that 5 stars cannot ever accord. You have the entire property to yourself, with the staff in the background to cater to your needs. Here, you can choose to have a birthday party where it is just you and your near and dear ones, or an after party where you do not have to fight traffic and the jostling nightclub crowd. Forget about booking a hall in a 5 star hotel, or watching throngs of people eat with you at a restaurant where you are celebrating your special day – this takes privacy to a whole new level! So are you game?