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A Vacation Home That Will Give You Serious Home Goals
A perfect home is never complete. It always has scope for improvement, and yet manages to fulfil every desire of the people who make it their own.
A perfect home is never complete. It always has scope for improvement, and yet manages to fulfil every desire of the people who make it their own. At Calista Châteaux, we strive to give you a vacation home which is complete, in every sense. Boasting of a range of breathtaking villas, farmhouses, and estates, Calista Châteaux has created a world for a perfect vacation which suits your comforts and stature. These homes are located at probably some of the best exotic locations in India and are facilitated with all sorts of luxuries and comforts.
Each Calista Châteaux villa is a collection of tasteful facilities and amenities. Only after you’ve been inside one will you realise that there are tons of home decor ideas you could take away, for your own dream house. For years now, we have given people tons of ideas that they take away to make their home special.
Inside a Calista Châteaux villa, you will step into a world of luxuries from whirlpool Jacuzzis, home theatre setups, landscaped lawns, terrace lounges, private swimming pools and much more which are quite simply royalty at its finest.
Of the many incredible Calista Châteaux villas, here are a few that manage to stand out in a league of their own:
Calista Manor
Vacation Home
If you have vacationed at Calista Manor, you know what true comfort feels like. Calista Manor is one of the premium villas standing proud in North Bangalore. Meticulously crafted, the bungalow offers its guests a combination of contemporary living comforts with extraordinary levels of peace and quiet. Basking in the sunlight with a fabulous view of Nandi hills, this villa comes with an open terrace lounge and a home theatre setup. Furnished with Italian leather sofas, pampering you with a whirlpool Jacuzzi, offering you delights like a cascading waterfall on the terrace lounge, Calista Manor is simply luxury at it’s best that is designed to leave you wanting for a home just like it.
Vacation Image
Calista Hills
Calista Hills
Keeping on with the Calista Châteaux tradition of giving you a perfect vacation, Calista Hills is one of our villas perched on a hill and overlooks a magnificent sierra. Tastefully designed and furnished, the bungalow offers a peaceful getaway with open balconies and miles of spectacular scenery. Spread across three levels, the bar and lounge area receive ample sunlight, throughout the day. One might treat themselves to the sunbeds, or blow off some steam while watching a movie on the home theatre setup. The bedrooms have large flat screen televisions and the en suite bathrooms have solar heating. Calista Hills has been a revolution in terms of giving home goals to anyone who steps inside.
Calista Opus
Calista Opus
For wildlife enthusiasts and those who search for a peaceful vacation, Calista Châteaux has a special villa on the river banks. In the district of Kabini, close to the Kabini river, Calista Châteaux gives you a vacation home that makes you want to stay in the woods, forever. The spacious bedrooms, modern day architecture, and landscaped lawns will make you want a home just like Calista Opus. It is a well known that many of us would someday want to settle down in a quiet place somewhere in the woods, with all worldly comforts. This beautiful development by Calista Châteaux is your chance to live a glimpse of that dream and is classy enough to leave you wanting for more.
Calista Opus