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A Vacation That Will Steal You From Reality
“The ant is knowing and wise, but he doesn’t know enough to take a vacation.” – Clarence Day
“The ant is knowing and wise, but he doesn’t know enough to take a vacation.” – Clarence Day
Clarence Day might just be the wisest amongst all, preaching the idea of vacation like a religion, to escape from hectic schedules and exhausting jobs, even if momentarily. The idea of a perfect vacation is never complete without a chosen vacation home with luxuries, and peace in ample amounts for the savouring.
And in the search for such a home away from home, look no further than Calista Châteaux. The luxury to choose from a range of gorgeous villas spread across cities, away from the hustle of the busy life, is a mere preview of the world we have created; a world filled with breathtaking villas, farmhouses and estates, for a getaway from life.
Calista Châteaux is far from restricting itself to just a vacation home, relying and improving on our range of lavish amenities and luxuries. However, what makes us unique is our keen eye for detail and the extensive research to come up with a perfect setup for your perfect vacation.
And as you anxiously await the vacation that takes you away from reality, we ensure that once inside the Calista Châteaux world, you would never want to go back to reality.
There are a thousand things to cherish about a vacation spent with us, but listed below are the memories you most likely will leave with, when life comes calling.
1. The Villas – A tale of style and proportions
Calista Châteaux offers you a range of Villas, carefully chosen and vetted by professionals. We ensure a villa that is impeccable and has passed stringent quality standards. Spotless, it seems, inside one of our exquisite villas, with precisely chosen locations, just so you could have a place to get lost in. The dream to escape reality in a secret home is one Calista Châteaux shares with you. The villas we boast, are quite simply a rare blend of style and comfort.
2. Of comforts and luxuries
The tradition of hosting guests is one carried on by Calista Châteaux, as we continue to pamper our guests with lavish amenities and state-of-the-art technology at their disposal. A Calista Châteaux villa treats you with a private porch for the quiet evenings, wireless internet, and the beautiful sound of silence. The minutest of details are taken care of, to an extent that the memories of being inside one of our villas stays with you.
If the ant were wise enough, he too would want to spend his vacations in one of our villas.
3. The Calista Châteaux initiative:
The moment you check-in at a Calista Châteaux home, we assign a designated concierge, a villa manager, along with a resident staff to ensure that you receive flawless levels of hospitality throughout your stay. At your beck and call throughout the day, the sole purpose of the staff is to tend to every need, or want of our guests. There have been revolutions in the field of hospitality, but at Calista Châteaux, we spark the noblest of them.After years spent perfecting the timelessness of a vacation, we want you to have a better vacation than you would wish for as we strive to keep alive the spirit of hospitality. Our one aim is to help our guests discover a home to escape from reality into a world of their own, much like the third-level by Jack Finney.