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Bird Watching In Alleppey – Here’s How!
A typical Kerala trip would include luxuriating ayurvedic massages, sea food feasts, boat rides in the infamous back waters and a lot more! However, you’re still missing out on one of the most exotic and fulfilling activities of Southern India.
Imagine yourself on the verdant green grounds of a holiday rental property, set along the shoreline of the charming backwaters of Alleppey. You will find birds and butterflies circling around the ripples, touching them before they fade away. Solitude and relaxation will be high on the menu even as you calm those urban roasted nerves. Bird watching is one of the most common activities in Kerala. Why? Because, the terrain, the climate, the various kinds of water bodies and various sanctuaries like the Pathiramanal Sanctuary, make it congenial for many species to happily thrive here.
So here are a few tips on bird watching while you are reclining in the privacy of your holiday rental property:
1. Choose a quiet spot: The good part about bird watching in Alleppey is that you can easily choose a private space like a holiday rental property. Here, you will have plenty of privacy and silence for those birds to actually arrive. And before you know it, you will get to watch them at their natural best in such lush and quiet surroundings. Take a spot in the lawns or on a terrace to get the best possible view without scaring them away. You can also sit by the backwaters if your holiday rental property has a poolside that opens up into the same.
2. The equipment: This is of utmost importance. Carry a good pair of binoculars and a hat. You can even ask the staff at the holiday rental property if they can provide you with the equipment or tell you about the best store in town where you can pick up your own supplies. A 7 x 50 magnification and lens is a good enough buy for bird watching in Alleppey. Perch yourself on your spot with a silent shutter camera that would have a good running image speed, and a notebook to take quick notes. You can also pick up a spotting scope for a better view.
3. ID your species: In case you are not sure about the species that you are looking at, you can either ask the staff at the holiday rental property or you can instantly post a picture on bird watching groups online, to ask for an identity. It will be helpful if you also describe the actions and flight of the bird in question.
4. Get a Guide: It would be great if you can get a guide for bird watching in Alleppey. If you cannot find someone in and around your chosen holiday rental property, then you can easily pick up a field guide or book on the subject. Make sure you read up before you start your bird watching exercise the next day. Most songbirds are spotted two hours after sunrise and then just before sunset, while others can be seen throughout the day, mostly near the water. Find out the sunset and sunrise time on your phone or from the staff at the holiday rental property so that you can be ready for the birds.
5. Record: Make the bird watching in Alleppey exercise a complete one by recording the sounds and songs of the birds. This will help in creating some great memories and posts on your blog or social media platforms. Ask the staff at the holiday rental property if they can record the sound, or get a great recording app on your phone. 6.Charm them: Bring the birds closer by placing small plates with sunflower seeds, and other such goodies that the birds would flock to. Make sure that you space out the plates and place small quantities at a time so that you do not get an overwhelming number of birds at a time. This will help you study them in a better way while you are indulging in bird watching in Alleppey.