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Bring In Your Birthday With Style – Luxury Getaways Around Bangalore
Luxury getaways around Bangalore are on the rise – and this niche is fast becoming a part of the urban weekend landscape.
Luxury getaways around Bangalore are on the rise – and this niche is fast becoming a part of the urban weekend landscape. For weekend revellers who want to head out for a scenic experience filled with luxury and greenery, this is the perfect option! So what does this have to do with your upcoming birthday plans? Plenty! For the perfect birthday party venue Bangalore, you simply need to head out to a getaway or a luxury vacation rental property where getting spoilt silly will be the only agenda!
Birthdays are that time of the year when you should be able to have a great time without having to worry about things like arrangements, venue, et al! With the new concept of the vacation rental getaway or luxury getaways around Bangalore, you can actually escape the city on your special day without having to travel far and wide. All you need to do is drive out to a scenic getaway which will serve as the perfect birthday party venue Bangalore. Here are a few birthday party ideas Bangalore to help you bring in your special day!
Watch the Scenery: The best part about stepping out of your urban comfort zone and into luxury getaways around Bangalore, is that you get to see something that the city hardly gives you – greenery! You can marvel at the sight of Nandi Hills and check into a quaint log cabin to gaze into the still sky and breathe in the tranquil air.
Eat! One of the best birthday party ideas Bangalore is to eat and revel in some delicious cuisine. If you are done with the same old synthetic and manufactured taste of take out and restaurants, then the luxury getaways around Bangalore have just the answer for you! At your birthday party venue Bangalore, the chef can easily whip up some gourmet delights for your near and dear ones. Local ingredients and authentic recipes will tantalize your tastebuds!
Exercise those Muscles: Nothing says “happy birthday” like a laughter filled afternoon in the company of near and dear ones. Bring out your physical side and watch as the fun erupts. From a game of cricket to a round of handball or volley ball – there are no dearth of options at the luxury getaways around Bangalore.
Movie Marathon: Bring in all your favorite movies and indulge in a movie marathon. Most luxury getaways around Bangalore offer a projector and a screen that will give you the big screen, theatrical feel. Among other birthday party ideas Bangalore – watch your old videos with your family and friends for some feel good time!
Outdoors and Fresh Air: Take a deep gulp of fresh air and celebrate your birthday out in the open. This would be one of the best birthday party ideas Bangalore. At these luxury getaways around Bangalore, you would have you own private sanctuary where you can just be one with nature and let those lungs inhale and exhale all of nature’s goodness. Take the party outside or to the rooftop for a memorable day!
Everything is taken care of: At these luxury getaways around Bangalore, you are hands free – quite literally! These fully staffed birthday party venues Bangalore are well equipped to handle the needs of your guests and to pamper you as well.
Call all your near and dear ones to this birthday party venue Bangalore and make a weekend out of it!