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Make The Most Out Of Public Holidays
With only fifteen holidays in a year, we treat the public holidays as a well deserved bonus. It would be a crime to not fully exploit this public holiday – wouldn’t it? Here is how you can plan the perfect getaway for the next public holiday.
Long weekends are always a welcome change, and in India, we are blessed with plenty of public holidays throughout the year. This gives us plenty of scope to have a good time during extended weekends. But that is where the challenge of time and distance comes in. While going away for the weekend may seem like a good idea, going someplace close may seem like an even better idea. One of the best solutions here would be to choose weekend getaways around Bangalore or any other city in India.
How to make the most of your public holidays in India? Here’s our list!
1. Go Outdoors: Whether it is bird watching, or yogas or even sports, there are a number of things that you can do at the weekend getaways around Bangalore or any other city in India. If you are in Bangalore, you can also head to Coorg or Alleppey in Kerala, for a quick round of water sports and hiking. Or stay at weekend getaways around Bangalore to explore nearby Nandi Hills and all its hidden pleasures. Station yourself in a log cabin, or in a colonial home stay with lush grounds where you and your family can have a great time.
2. Bring on a Great Menu: A great part about weekend getaways around Bangalore is that you can have your meals customised to suit the taste buds of everyone in your group. Ask for the menu and take your pick or simply ask the staff to arrange a barbeque party for you. Eat to your heart’s delight!
3. Take your team out: Make the most of your public holidays, and get to know your team better. This will definitely lead to a better environment at work. A corporate weekend may be just the thing. Remember to include the families of your team members at the weekend getaways around Bangalore. You can easily book the entire property and enjoy all the amenities without worrying about your privacy!
4. Romance, Anyone? Bring romance back into your life. Book one of the weekend getaways around Bangalore for the public holidays and watch as romance blossoms. The best way to spend a weekend that would be quiet yet exciting is by booking yourself a holiday rental property which will be fully staffed even as it gives you plenty of privacy.
5. Bond with the Family: Public holidays and extended weekends are for family too! Whether it is a birthday or a simple family get together, you can bring your near and dear ones together for a great time at weekend getaways around Bangalore. Not only will you have ample space for all the family members to do as they please, but you will also be able to luxuriate in the privacy of the fully staffed grounds.