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The Perfect Barbeque Party – Summer Weekends Sorted!
Break the boring stigma of having the food catered for your next private party. By organizing a barbeque you will add a whole lot of zest and life to your party.
Summer weekends are for lazing around, catching up on your relaxation quotient and generally enjoying all the good things in life. Like, barbeque! Summer and outdoor eating go hand in hand. And when you throw your near and dear ones into the mix, you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable Summer! Head out for some great outdoor fun in the sun, and turn your summer weekends into eat-a-thons like none other. Book yourself a private holiday rental villa and let the staff put together the perfect summer barbeque party. Here’s how you can host a great barbeque party for your summer weekends!
1. Get a head count. And while you are at it, remember to ask everyone for their choice of meat, veggies and the things that they also avoid. Hand this list over to the staff at the holiday rental property so that they can procure the ingredients well in advance.
2. Always be prepared. Rather than heading out to a restaurant and and getting into traffic woes, take the cool way out this summer. Book yourself and your closest people into a holiday rental property where you have rooms for everyone to retreat to. This way, if the barbeque party lingers on for longer, people have all the amenities in place to rest and recoup as well.
3. Marinate well. Now, getting down to the nitty gritties of the barbeque of all barbeques for your summer weekends, you need to start by marinating your ingredients well. Separate all your meats and veggies. Marinate them in unique sauces that you can either prepare on your own, or with store bought concoctions. Then, let the juices mingle and seep in. This will create amazingly tender and well flavoured cuts.
4. Fish and Barbeque: For your summer weekends, turn to a cooler and lighter meat like fish. Did you know that fish makes for a great barbeque staple? Just remember to keep the temperature and fuel low. Let the coal or the wood settle to the bottom before you throw the fish on the grill. This will ensure that it is well cooked and firm without losing its succulent quality. Then, you can make a burger with the fillet and present it with the yummiest toppings.
5. Let your guests choose. The best way for summer weekends and barbeque parties is to let your guests, friends and family choose. Lay out the toppings, dressings and sauces. And while you hand out the bread, wraps and meat, let them choose what to add. This will make the whole experience that much more fun!
6.Keep the kinds engaged. If you have plenty of kids in the group, you would do well to create a kids corner with lots of board games. Also, you can ask the staff at the holiday rental property to play a movie on a projector to keep them riveted. These properties also usually have lights and grounds that would make for some great nigh time hand ball matches! Explore all these options to keep the kids in good spirits.