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Are resorts a thing of the past? The Future of Luxury Vacations is here
How many times have you thought of a vacation and felt at your wits end deciding on the destination? If the destination is great, then it’s the distance and travel time.
A Façade or a Getaway?
How many times have you thought of a vacation and felt at your wits end deciding on the destination? If the destination is great, then it’s the distance and travel time. Once you get that out of the way, the next big challenge is to find a place to check in. You will find a dozen hotels which deem themselves ‘Star Hotels’, an ordinary Bed & breakfast will wishfully call itself ‘A Boutique Hotel’ and then you have the five star hotels and all their conundrums of booking, waiting, checking in, etcetera. These options, and plenty more, are available in all dream destinations, but in the end it leaves us with nothing special. The rooms’ feel the same; the restaurants serve you the same ‘complimentary’ breakfast – an isle which is more of an assembly line actually, starts with a choice of fruits, often its raw pineapples, over-ripe papaya and tasteless watermelon. This is followed by a saccharine spread of dry Danish’s, eggy sponge cake, Special ‘K’ and cocoa nibs. Lest we forget, the shallow filled buffet bowls, the lids of which – never hold at the top, neatly filled with canned baked beans, packaged sausages, roasted tomatoes, and flavored water as Saambar! Can we also give a special mention to the ubiquitous vinegar and spice filled jars, which are placed randomly throughout the restaurant cum coffee shop? This experience is hardly out of the ordinary, and yet, we find ourselves succumbing to this façade of a ‘Getaway’. The current situation of luxury vacationing is arguably downgrading, so what is the future of luxury vacations? Perhaps now would be a good time for you to explore the unexplored side of Luxury Vacationing.
Tired of Empty Promises?
You give up the search on the star hotels and look for a resort and it’s the same story repeated with a different twist. The promises are tall, but as they say, looks can be deceptive. What you see is never what you get. The pretty pictures you would have seen of the resort online or in that fabulous looking ad will not match when you check in. The serenity promised will be broken with noisy holiday makers and their entourage. Either you will feel like running away again or shutting the door of your room and watch a recorded IPL match.
Luxury Vacation Villa Rentals – The Future of Luxury Vacations
Well, let us assure you it’s not as grim. You might have heard of this trend that is slowly catching up. A trend, that doesn’t land you in the middle of a holiday carnival, with a row of rooms in all shapes, sizes and empty promises. Welcome to The Future of Luxury Vacations. Now, before you settle for that exotic sounding resort with aisles of rooms, a pool which is common for toddlers and their big tubes, a bikini and boxer clad honeymoon couple, and let’s not even mention the uncle who is determined to swim his way to a six pack.
Picture this, a Luxury Vacation Villa, in an exotic and scenic location, a dedicated concierge, a private pool – minus the unwanted audience. This is your one way to ultimate satisfaction in a Luxury Villa, at your dream destination. A Luxury Vacation is all about being pampered and experiencing all exclusive and unique services. At Calista Châteaux, we believe in curating unique experiences for all our clients. The luxury villas we are talking about are handpicked; starting right from the location of the property, the design – built in a way to ensure privacy and indulgence, the bed linens, to the view from the room and the balconies, the greenery around and, the most important quality we focus on – the service.
A Villa, A Vacation and Value for Every Penny
A journey is not just the distance you cover to reach a destination. What your tired body and soul craves for is a retreat. You wish for a break from your daily routine, a means to your living – which you work so tirelessly for. You save up those holidays, and when you finally decide to take a break, you find yourself settling to just another typical Hotel – now, why would you do that? The uniqueness of our villas and the privacy it provides is the ideal retreat for you to enjoy a quality, uninterrupted and completely customized vacation. Whether it’s a romantic getaway with your loved one, a reunion with your friends and family, an anniversary, a birthday party or any other special occasion – you can be assured that every detail will be looked after, without jeopardizing your privacy The personal attendants in the villas will arrange for everything you need and desire, without making you feel like you’re staying at resort or a hotel, where you have always felt like being under someone’s watchful eyes.
Leisure & Luxury
The best thing about renting a luxury villa is the customized holiday experience that comes with it. You need not follow any set pattern or rule. No frisking, no waiting time to check in and filling numerous forms. Just drive in and we have you at hello. When we design any villa at Calista Châteaux, our ultimate goal is always to ensure that our guests never wish to leave, and if they do – they wish to return or visit another property the minute they can! We go the extra mile when it comes to décor. From contemporary to antique, it matches the feel of the property and its environment. As much as we take care of the comforts in the room, we pay attention to every detail in the common areas, gardens, gazebo’s, tents, pools, terraces, and more.
Customize your Getaway
It is holiday season. Before the school reopens, choose your destination from a list of handpicked properties , and get going on your very own customized getaway, for you and your loved ones. Go ahead, make a booking and ask our travel experts for any special service you’d like. It’s a Calista guarantee to ensure maximum satisfaction, and zero stress.