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Things To Do In Nandi Hills – Wildlife And Walks
People often underestimate the value of a quick getaway. Nandi Hills has so much to offer other than its stunning view, peace and quiet. With a dozen of savvy restaurants, vineyards and cafe’s around, this could be a recurring getaway destination for you!
Bangalore is littered with impossibly beautiful spots where one can relax over the weekend. Nandi Hills is one such area. Just a hop and a skip away from the main town’s throbbing centre, all you need is to take a right while on your way to the International Airport. Suddenly, you will be transported to a beautiful area filled with hills and greenery. Stone faced hillsides and verdant, lush beauty will greet you as you prepare to forget the traffic and humdrum of urban living – all this while you are actually still in Bangalore city!
The best way to enjoy Nandi Hills is to station yourself in these quarters. But where do you stay whilst you are here? The ideal way to explore the area and be comfortable at the same time is with a fully serviced and well staffed luxury holiday rental property. Imagine being in a bustling resort or a hotel where there would be too many distractions. That would just take away from the serene quality of the area. Instead, if you station yourself in a space where privacy would be the mainstay along with all the amenities, you would actually enjoy the wonderful hills.
What all can you do while you are in Nandi Hills? Well, plenty! Ask your holiday rental property staff for some guidance, carry your hiking boots and get going! Wildlife and treks are the main attractions of this area, and you can get ready to exercise those dormant limbs.
1. The Fortress: Did you know that Nandi Hills is actually a massive ancient fortress built during the Chola Dynasty? If legend may be believed, this fortress was named after Nandeeshwara, a yogic sage who performed penance at this very spot. Another story is that it was earlier called Anand Giri – the Hill of Happiness. Well, whatever the actually story may be, happiness is definitely here to stay in Nandi Hills. You can explore the ruins of this ancient fortress with an early morning hike, and get yourself a steaming hot cup of history in the bargain!
2. Explore the Biodiversity: While in Nandi Hills, do not simply breathe in the fresh air and regard the greenery with nonchalance. Get into the thick of things and find out more about the stunning display of biodiversity that dots this area. To begin with, as you hike into the deepest core of this region, you will find plenty of eucalyptus trees. Also, coffee grows here like a wild weed. The towering eucalyptus trees are known to give cloud cover to this area, and they even facilitate precious condensation. This helps in some pretty dense rainfall – which makes Nandi Hills that much more fertile, magical and fun!
3. Wildlife: There are a number of exotic species thriving in Nandi Hills, thanks to the vegetation and the precipitation that the area enjoys. The rare yellow throat Bulbul is one such bird which you can watch out for. Shaheen Falcons and Peregrine Falcons may also be found here, flying around in pairs. Remember to carry binoculars when you are out on a hike or a trek. Also, be careful of the snakes and millipedes that can be found aplenty in this region. Jungle Safaris and an elephant camp can also be found nearby for the truly adventurous!
4. Trekking and Hiking Points: You can hike into Nandi Grama which is one of the oldest settlements of the area. Here, you can find the ancient Someshwara Swami Temple. Also, a hike to Tipu’s Drop where the famed Sultan’s prisoners were thrown to death, or to his Summer Palace and Fort, will leave the history buff duly enthralled! A trek to the Secret Passage or Escape Route can also be conducted. This passage was built in order to help people escape in case an unprecedented attack overtook the fort! Many rivers also originate in these hills. You can easily hike up to these water bodies, known to be filled with water, all year round!
5. Other Adventure Activities: Apart from trekking and hiking, Nandi Hills is also known for some adrenaline pumping action! You can get into the adventure mood with a spot of cycling or biking. Also, this is one of the few places in Karnataka where one can enjoy paragliding. So make the most of your weekend here with some outdoor fun!